Torrent sites have a long and murky history with the world at large, with varying questions of if they are legal or not. To define them, a torrent site contains data that people can use to send data over the internet. It’s like a cataloging system and tells you some basic information about the file.

However, torrent files contain no content on their own, instead, they show the locations of computers that hold the content and then allow the holder of the file to download the information. Think of it like the information you want is water and your computer is a glass, a torrent file is like a faucet that brings the information to your computer.

Various sites allow for file holders to download information from other computers quickly, which is good for larger files. Often, torrent sites are perfectly legal places to download larger files, but like any technology, they can be used illegally.

The questionable line

Downloading pirated movies, games, and music from torrent sites doesn’t only have a moral problem, but can also do some damage to your computer as well. Most torrent sites make money from ads and these advertisements are often infected by viruses and malware that can damage your computer, even just by visiting the sight.

The files that are downloaded from the site can also be dangerous and can infect your computer if the proper safeguards are not put in place.

However,torrenting isn’t illegal in itself, but only how it is used. Stealing and redistributing someone else’s work is a crime,  however, torrent sites have been used by game developers, social media sites, and even by the government to share data and increase their speed. Gaming companies even use torrents to release updates that travel through the computers to quickly update games.

Ways to keep yourself safe

One of the ways people contribute to the torrenting community is called ‘seeding’ where they add to the ocean and enable others to download files faster. However, this also puts your IP address on a list and makes it easier for you to be tracked.

So not uploading and only using the torrent to download is one of the ways to be safe, also using a proxy while uploading can also keep your information anonymous. In addition, knowledge of certain laws and company policies around torrenting can also help keep you safe. Some companies encourage torrenting or even give things away for free!

Look at what it is used for

Torrenting is not illegal and just because you torrent doesn’t mean that you are pirating or even committing a crime. It’s just a tool to make downloads easier for people, and all depends on how it is used.

By arming yourself with knowledge and taking the extra steps to keep yourself safe, legal torrenting is a good way to share and download files across the internet, especially if they need to be downloaded in a quick period of time.

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